Scenic Resources

To improve and maintain the scenic quality of the Region along roadways, Lake Tahoe's shoreline, and at recreational sites and at other scenic viewpoints.

The visual landscape of the Tahoe Region is one of its most impressive and memorable qualities. Although the Tahoe Region’s landscape is extensive and varied, viewers predominately see the landscape from major roadways or from the lake itself. Privately held lands are located around the perimeter of the lake, in most cases along major roadways, and it is on these lands that major development has occurred. Scenic deterioration results from types of development that dominate or are incompatible with the natural landscape, are in locations visible from major roadways, block important views and remove vegetation and natural features, and alter the topography. TRPA monitors the visual experience from 869 individual scenic units. Programs such as the Environmental Improvement Program and management actions implemented such as adoption of the scenic shoreline ordinances along with building design standards in new construction and redevelopment have improved scenic conditions and community character Region-wide.

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