To improve and maintain a high-quality outdoor recreation experience and ensure a fair share distribution of recreation opportunities across recreation providers.

The Lake Tahoe Region offers an abundance of recreational opportunities highly valued by visitors and residents and these recreational resources are one of the major drivers of the regional economy and contribute to the quality of life in the Tahoe Region.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that demand for Tahoe’s unique recreational experience is growing. New evidence suggests that day trippers make up a significant portion of visitors to the Region. When the standard was adopted, ensuring availability of lands and sewer utility capacity for recreational opportunities was the driving concern. Today, approximately 90 percent of the Region is in public land ownership (up from 70 percent in the 1970s), so that concern is no longer at the forefront. One exception may be shoreline access, where public acquisition has not occurred at the same pace. Today, 45 percent of the shoreline is in public ownership. TRPA and partners are working to update shoreline regulations. Today’s emerging concerns are transportation access to recreation sites and maintaining quality recreation experiences as demand grows, concerns that may require the Region to revisit policies and goals for the recreation threshold standards.  

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