Threshold Standards

The Tahoe Regional Planning Compact (Bi-State Compact) (P.L. 96-551, 94 Stat. 3233(1980), amended P.L. 106-3506, 114 Stat. 2351 (2016)) provides the framework for the development and implementation of the Environmental Threshold Carrying Capacities (threshold standards) and the Regional Plan. The Bi-State Compact defines threshold standards as “an environmental standard necessary to maintain a significant scenic, recreational, educational, scientific or natural value of the region or to maintain public health and safety within the region.” The threshold standards establish the shared goals for restoration and environmental quality in the Region. The Regional Plan with all of its elements, as implemented through TRPA ordinances and rules and regulations, will achieve and maintain the adopted threshold standards while providing opportunities for orderly growth and development.

Adopted threshold standards set forth standards for Water QualitySoil ConservationAir QualityVegetation PreservationWildlifeFisheriesNoiseRecreation, and Scenic Resources. One of the major purposes of the Regional Plan is to establish regulations and programs to achieve and maintain these thresholds.


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